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The next completely bizarre film with Nicolas Cage is announced in the trailer

In the very first John Wick film, the dog is killed by Keanu Reeves. This event is the trigger for a campaign of revenge that continues to this day. Nicolas Cage is now venturing into the John Wick territory with his latest film. In Pig he is ready to overcome boundaries to be beloved truffle pig to regain.

Nicolas Cage in the footsteps of John Wick

The story tells of the truffle hunter Rob (Cage) who chose to live a lonely life in the wild. Only the eponymous pig keeps him company. But then it becomes one kidnapped unknown person. Rob goes to great lengths to find the kidnapper and is confronted with the demons of his past.

You can watch the trailer for Pig here:

Pig – Trailer (English) HD


At first glance, Pig looks a lot calmer than the John Wick films. Occasionally, however, thriller elements flash up in the trailer. The film seems to be a single powder keg just waiting to finally be released to go up in the air. In this respect, Pig could line up wonderfully behind Mandy in Nicolas Cage’s filmography.

The film was directed by Michael Sarnoski, who also wrote the script. Sarnoski has worked as a director, screenwriter, editor, producer and actor on various short films and series projects. Pig could be his big breakthrough to mark. After the trailer, he will definitely get his attention.

Pig starts in the USA on July 16, 2021 in theaters. When and how the film will come to Germany has not yet been determined.

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