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Thanks to “Rocky”: Sylvester Stallone met his biggest fan

Stallone: ​​Small, big fan

Stallone regularly provides his fans there with new insights into his current projects and his life. A really heartwarming encounter between the 72-year-old and a nine-year-old girl who is a big “Rocky” fan could not be withheld from his followers. “Isn’t she cute? I can hardly believe that she likes” Rocky “so much,” said the star, very enthusiastic about the little visitor.

The young girl was visibly excited and asked the star very curiously how he actually managed to become such a good actor. “I would say some critics would deny this designation,” joked Stallone. “But with certain characters you just feel that they are part of you,” he added. “To me, portraying Rocky is like breathing, I just feel it. That may not be the case with all characters, but especially with this one – I just believe everything she says and what I say. For this reason, I also like to write the scripts because it comes from deep inside me. ” His biggest fan and all other fans can only sign it.

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