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Sylvester Stallone’s legacy fits perfectly ·

The cult director already has an exact idea of ​​how he would re-stage the first “Rambo” film and which stars should play the leading roles.

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  • Born: March 27, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee USA
  • Jobs: Actor, producer, director, screenwriter, cameraman

Quentin Tarantino nears the end of his career as a film director. After “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” he only has one film left until he has reached the maximum number of ten cinema works that he has set himself. But which project can you say goodbye? Tarantino himself brought up a “Star Trek” film, “Kill Bill 3” and a horror film.

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But now the cult director is expressing another idea that at least overshadows the others in terms of the surprise effect: Quentin Tarantino would actually like to To remake “Rambo”! In a conversation with The Big Picture Podcast (via The Playlist) he revealed that he was inspired by his fellow director David O. Russell with “The Fighter”. According to Tarantino, O. Russell overcame his own ego with the work and did not force himself to be a demanding author, but simply made “a good film”.

With “The Fighter” as a role model, if he were to ignore the end of his career and just want to make a good movie, he would tackle a remake of “Rambo”. Where it would differ from the classic with Sylvester Stallone at least in terms of the ending: “I would film the novel,” said Tarantino. Spoiler alert: Rambo doesn’t survive the book.

Even a character from a Tarantino film has already had a lot of noise, like you ours Video proves:

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Tarantino wants “Star Wars” star as the new Rambo

He already has clear ideas for the cast: “Kurt Russell would play the sheriff and [Adam Driver] would play Rambo. Every time I do [den Roman] read, the dialogues are so fantastic … [der Film] would be so good. “Quentin Tarantino had only worked with Kurt Russell again on” The Hateful 8 “and it is not only thanks to this role that we can imagine him as a sadistic sheriff.

Adam Driver as Rambo may seem like an unlikely choice, but Driver has a military past. Maybe you don’t trust him, but the actor also has an impressive physique, which was proven by his almost legendary topless scene in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. Not to mention that he’s a fantastic character actor, just think about his performance on Marriage Story.

The chance that Quentin Tarantino actually turns a new “Rambo” remake should go to zero. After all, he is still firmly convinced of his plan to end this career after ten films. At best, it would be conceivable that he, as a screenwriter, would provide the template for the project. Since Tarantino could also make mini-series after his film career, this would be a possible loophole.

So we can still be curious about what the director has planned for the end of his film career. He recently announced that he would cast Maya Hawke (“Stranger Things”) as Uma Thurman’s daughter in “Kill Bill 3”. So far, this is certainly the project Tarantino has spoken about most often in public. Which of course doesn’t have to mean anything …

How well did you pay attention to Quentin Tarantino’s works? Test your knowledge of his films here:

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