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“Super Hot Father”: Kate Winslet raves about her husband

Well, that’s a romantic declaration of love! Titanic star Kate Winslet (45) is not only an actress, but also a mother of three. The British woman is now married for the third time. She has daughter Mia (20) with film director Jim Threapleton. Her son Joe (17) was born in her marriage to Sam Mendes (55). Meanwhile is Kate married to Abel Smith. In 2013 their son Bear (7) was born. Loves even after eight years of marriage Kate her Abel like on the first day: In an interview, she raved about him now!

The “Mare of Easttown” star appeared opposite the New York Times completely enthusiastic about the “super hot, superhuman father who stays at home”. She was alluding to the fact that Abel – formerly known as Ned Rocknroll – takes care of the kids at home while she works. “He cares about us, especially me. I said to him earlier: ‘Neddy, could you do something for me?’ He just meant, ‘Everything,’ “she continued, adding,” He’s an absolutely extraordinary life partner. “

Because the Oscar winner wants her children to have a life that is as normal as possible, she does without a nanny, as she recently revealed. By the way, her eldest daughter Mia Honey Threapleton follows in the footsteps of her famous mother and is also an actress.

Kate Winslet, British actress
Kate Winslet and her husband Abel Smith
Kate Winslet, British actress



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