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She turned 85: Nicolas Cage mourns the loss of his mother – entertainment

Nicolas Cage at a 2020 Los Angeles event. Photo: Copyright (c) 2020 Tsuni-USA / Shutterstock.

Nicolas Cage is currently having to cope with the death of his mother Joy Vogelsang. Joy Vogelsang, of German descent, died on May 26th and was 85 years old.

Acting star Nicolas Cage (57) mourns: his mother, the former dancer Joy Vogelsang, died on May 26th at the age of 85. The sad news announced Cage’s brother Christopher Coppola on his Facebook page.

“My mom died at 10:33 pm,” wrote Coppola there. “I spent the whole day with her but was gone for a couple of hours and missed her demise by a couple of hours so I couldn’t hold her hand and show her my love before she made her trip to the peaceful land . “

Nicolas Cage’s mother was mentally ill

Vogelsang had a difficult life with mental health problems, it said on her son’s Facebook page. Despite everything, she has learned some very important things from her son. She was a lioness and taught him that it was good to show affection and be affectionate. “I think only a mother can understand that,” said Coppola.

In a 1996 Playboy interview with American writer David Sheff, Cage talked about his mother’s mental health. She was sick for most of his childhood, but was also “the driving force of my creativity,” said Cage. “She was in an institution for years and had to endure shock treatments. She had conditions that lasted for years. She went through these episodes of poetry – I don’t know what else to call it,” he said. “She told the most amazing and beautiful things, but also the most frightening. I’m sure she had an influence on me.”

Joy Vogelsang was married to August Coppola, the brother of the world-famous director Francis Ford Coppola, from 1960–1976. From this marriage came Marc Coppola, Nicolas Cage and Christopher Coppola. The couple split when actor Cage was 12 years old. The dancer was born in the USA but comes from a German family from Rhineland-Palatinate.



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