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Selena Gomez worries fans with hose stuck in her arm>entertainment>

November 02, 2020 – 11:27 am clock

Selena Gomez’s fans made a disturbing discovery

While Selena Gomez (28) is chatting live on Instagram with buddy Timothée Chalamet (24) about the US presidential election, her fans discover a tube in her arm. Now Selena’s followers are puzzling over her health.

The singer is biased

The sight of Selena Gomez's arm worries some fans

The sight of Selena Gomez’s arm worries some fans

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Autoimmune diseases, anxiety disorders, depression – just a small collection of the health restrictions that Selena Gomez has to and had to endure. In 2017, due to her illness, lupus, she even needed a new kidney, which was donated to her by a good friend, Francia Raisa (32). No wonder fans and friends quickly worry about the actress when they discover a tube in her arm.

Shortly before her Instagram livestream, Selena had stated that she would have liked to have voted in the presidential elections, but for certain reasons it is not possible. Accordingly, her followers speculate that the star’s health is worse again and that she cannot leave the apartment for this reason. Many fans vent their worries on social networks and send their star virtual love and power. Selena herself has not yet commented on her health.

The singer does not want to hide in spite of illnesses

Despite previous stress – Selena stands by herself and deals openly with her mental problems. After being diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, she didn’t try to hide, but shared the diagnosis with the world. She even proudly presents the scars from her kidney transplant today, although it was difficult for her at first. Whatever Selena is going through right now, with her optimism and ambition, she will surely overcome this hurdle too.

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