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Russell Brand fought for Katy Perry

Comedian Russel Brand was married to Katy Perry. Despite an early divorce, he only has positive feelings for the singer.

the essentials in brief

  • Russel Brand was married to Katy Perry for 14 months.
  • He said he did everything to make the marriage work.
  • He is now married again and is a father.

Russell Brand tried to save his marriage to Katy Perry. The British comedian married the American pop princess in a traditional Hindu ceremony in October 2010. The wedding took place near the Ranthambhore Tiger Sanctuary in Rajasthan, India.

At the time, the couple had only been together for about a year. It quickly realized that the marriage had been a hasty decision after all. After just 14 months of marriage, Russell and Katy announced their divorce in December 2011.

The actor does not want to be said that he did not fight for love. Despite his failed marriage, the 45-year-old insists that he did everything in his power to make the marriage work. He emphasizes that even today he only has positive feelings for his ex-wife.

When answering questions on TikTok, he said, “I’ve really tried in this relationship. I have nothing but positive feelings for her. “

Katy once revealed that conflicting career plans and her desire to have children led to the end of the marriage. Meanwhile, both Russell and Katy are happily taken. Katy and her fiancé Orlando Bloom did not become parents to a daughter until the summer. Russell, too, has meanwhile been remarried and become a father.

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