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Robert Downey Jr. causes outrage among fans with Instagram campaign ·

On Instagram, some fans noticed that Robert Downey Jr. is no longer following his Marvel colleagues. What could be the reason for this?

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Robert Downey Jr. has become an integral part of the role of Iron Man. Unfortunately, the actor has finally said goodbye with “Avengers: Endgame” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but of course many Marvel fans have taken him to their hearts beyond the film series. However, an action on Instagram is now causing a stir and some MCU supporters don’t seem to be enthusiastic about it.

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Over 50 million people follow Robert Downey Jr. on Instagram. The actor himself currently only follows 43 people, although there were a few more recently. Fans took a closer look at the list and found the actor no longer following his MCU colleagues like Tom Holland and Chris Evans.

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Fans are now speculating what the cause of this strange step is and suspect that the actor may not have a particularly keen interest in continuing to connect with the other Marvel stars after leaving the MCU. The shock is very deep for a fan:

Another fan noted that Robert Downey Jr. even changed the profile picture on his Instagram page to no longer show Iron Man, which confirms the suspicion that the actor graduated from the MCU.

No argument between Robert Downey Jr. and the MCU

Because of the Instagram action, some fans seem irritated and even suspect that there might be an argument between him and the rest of the MCU cast. Appearances could be deceptive, however, because there is probably a meaningful explanation for the unfollowing of his Marvel colleagues that has nothing to do with a conflict. As a fan suspects, the manager of Robert Downey Jr., who looks after his Instagram channel, could be behind the action, which is more the rule in these circles.

Since the actor has had nothing to do with the MCU since 2019, his channel is also based on current projects in which he is involved. Since Marvel no longer plays a major role, the manager may have responded with this action. The “Iron Man” actor recently used his social media presence to stand up for the “Footprint Coalition”, an organization he founded to combat the climate crisis. Robert Downey Jr. also produces, among other things, the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth”, which recently started on the streaming service.

The actor has not yet commented on the circumstances. The Hollywood star is still friends with his MCU colleagues on his Twitter account, which would be an indication that the actor actually has nothing to do with the Instagram action. So it seems like there’s no bad blood between Robert Downey Jr. and the MCU.

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