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Recognized? Reese Witherspoon shares a childhood photo from 1987>entertainment>

This actress was cute even as a child

Attention, this throwback pic threatens a sugar shock! Our hearts open at the sight of the little girl. Would you have recognized her? In any case, we had to look twice at the retro snapshot of actress Reese Witherspoon (45) until we saw today’s actress under the big glasses and the wavy bangs from when she wanted to be president.

Reese Witherspoon: “Life is good!”

The now 45-year-old comments on the childhood photo with the words: “It’s 1987. You got the cool new Benetton sweater. You can memorize the entire text of” Heaven is a Place on Earth “by Belinda Carlyle. You go to the weekend a roller skate birthday party (…). Life is good! “

And yes, in the blissful expression of her childhood it can be clearly seen that Reese seems to have enjoyed life to the fullest even as a little grimace. Maybe she wants to wake up a little with the mundane things that made her happy as a child? Pay more attention to the little moments in life, enjoy banalities – especially now during the corona pandemic, it is probably not a bad approach. And it’s nice that Reese has found a positive approach to life again. In 2020, she talked about suffering from depression for years.

Selma Blair: “I thought it was my son!”

The fans obviously like the cute photo. “Are you kidding me?” Writes Kate Hudson about the snapshot. Selma Blair also immediately thinks of something: “I thought it was my son! You are so adorable!” Yes, we think so too, dear Reese! Then as now. By the way: Reese’s daughter Ava Phillippe (21) is cut out of her pretty mom’s face – and therefore just as cute. (lsc)



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