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Quarantine went so well for Sofia Vergara and her husband Joe

No trace of relationship stress! Just a few days ago Joe Manganiello (43) chatted openly how he met his dream woman Sofia Vergara (47) six years ago. The Hollywood star and his loved one first met at a dinner party and Joe got Sofia’s number shortly afterwards. Since then, the couple has been more than happy together – and apparently nothing has changed in times of social distancing!

In conversation with People chatted Sofia openly about how the current isolation affects their love life: “So actually we’re doing pretty well with it. We haven’t touched each other’s throats yet.” In her big house there is enough space to get out of the way and enjoy the moments with her son Manolo, her niece Claudia and the three dogs. Joe spent a lot of time training and working from home. “We are lucky that we did so well,” said Sofia.

But not only Joe has apparently kept fit with exercise in the past few weeks, too Sofia recently showed that her body can definitely be seen. On their Instagram-Channel, she posted a photo showing her hot downside: In a bikini, she stretched her tight buttocks into the camera.

The actors Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, actors
Sofia Vergara in April 2020



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