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Natalie Portman trains hard for “Thor 4” · KINO.de

New pictures from the Australian set for “Thor: Love and Thunder” show the petite actress Natalie Portman completely changed. Wow!


Thor is one of the most muscular and strongest superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And since Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will succeed Chris Hemsworth’s god of thunder as Mighty Thor in director Taika Waititis “Thor: Love and Thunder”, it goes without saying that the petite 39-year-old must also submit to a strict training plan in order to to get in top form for her superhero premiere.

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And that’s exactly what she did, as current pictures (seen here at Daily Mail) from the set in Sydney, Australia impressively prove. Apparently a scene was filmed there in which Jane Foster uses her powers as Mighty Thor. Also seen are Waititi and co-star Tessa Thompson. Much more interesting, however, are the pictures in which Portman took off her denim jacket and hoodie. Because this reveals your well-trained upper arms.

In a discussion at Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in October 2020, Portman spoke about the hard training for “Thor 4” and sounded less than enthusiastic:

“Yes, I am training and I am in so much pain. I am not good at it. I am a nearly 40 year old mother of two. It’s a very different scenario to inflate yourself here. I can’t, I can’t get up, I can’t sit down And nothing happens there. I’m just thinking when will they come (the muscles, editor’s note)? “

But as it now looks, the efforts and exertions have definitely been worth it for her.

Not only “Thor 4” awaits MCU fans in the near future. These other films and series will also (hopefully) start soon:

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“Thor 4”: Chris Hemsworth’s advice to Natalie Portman

With a well-trained co-star like Chris Hemsworth, it’s clear, of course, that Portman asked him for tips. And what did he advise her? Never let the protein supply dry up, says the actress: “He eats a whole baby animal every half an hour or so to get protein. I will probably have to find a way to hammer in non-animal-based proteins. “

Portman has been a vegetarian since she was a child, and at times was also completely vegan. Optimal muscle building without meat is definitely possible, as competitive bodybuilder Robert Cheeke impressively demonstrates. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger swears by a vegetarian diet. And what can be achieved with it, Portman shows in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, which is expected to start from May 5, 2022 starts in German cinemas.

Unless you’ve been behind the moon for the past ten years, you should know all of these Marvel characters by name:

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