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Matt Damon no longer uses homophobic slurs – but only because his daughter criticized him for it

Matt Damon refrains from homophobic insults – but only because his daughter criticized him for it

Hollywood star Matt Damon

Hollywood star Matt Damon

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Hollywood star Matt Damon got into trouble with his daughter for carelessly using a derogatory word for homosexuals. He wants to do better in the future.

Matt Damon, a successful Hollywood actor (“Good Will Hunting”), was born in 1970. He grew up in a time when it was still considered normal and even right for boys and men to make rough jokes and throw insults at each other – all in jest, of course. Today the world is different, we pay more attention to each other and try not to hurt anyone for no reason. As the 50-year-old now admitted, this still sometimes surprises him. But his daughter keeps pointing out to him when he is unintentionally inconsiderate.

Damon recently told a reporter that a family row broke out when he made a joke at the dining table at home that included a swear word that had long been used as an insult to homosexuals. His daughter got up indignantly and left the room. “Oh come on, that was a joke! I also say that in the movie ‘Inseparable'”, Damon called after her, but the girl withdrew into her room, stunned, where she wrote her father a little essay in which she gave him explained why the word is hurtful and inappropriate.

Matt Damon is learning

The actor took his daughter’s criticism to heart. “I said: ‘I’m retiring the Sch-word, I got it,'” he reports. He recognizes that careless use of such degrading terms is “dangerous”, even if this word was “frequently used” in his youth.

He received more than just praise for this honest admission. Many American celebrities noted that Damon could well have had the idea earlier and without the help of his daughter that terms like this are no longer appropriate today. The US comedian Billy Eichner asked on twitter for example, sniffing whether Damon had already found a good substitute for the swear word that he could use instead if he wanted to demean someone.

Source: “The Independent”


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