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Luxury hotel “The Chedi Andermatt” accepts crypto currencies as a new form of payment for guests: day pass

In the Swiss luxury and lifestyle hotel The Chedi Andermatt, two of the most popular crypto currencies can now be used to pay: Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the introduction of the new hotel payment solution, The Chedi Andermatt is also relying on innovations in the payment area in order to offer guests modern technologies during their stay. The launch takes place in partnership with the payment service provider Worldline and the Swiss crypto service provider Bitcoin Suisse.

Attractive, secure and convenient in the payment process: Four years ago, The Chedi Andermatt started considering offering crypto currencies as a payment service for guests. The basic requirement, however, was to make the transaction as secure as possible and to avoid risky price fluctuations. With WL Crypto Payments from Worldline, the starting shot has now been given for acceptance. As an innovative hotel partner, The Chedi Andermatt is one of the first selected Swiss hotels to start with the Worldline cryptocurrency infrastructure at the front desk.

“We had known for a long time that cryptocurrencies also had a future in hotel operations. In the course of the increasing spread and acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, we are proud to be one of the first Swiss luxury hotels to be able to offer our guests cryptocurrencies as a secure means of payment. We are making a clear statement to our hotel guests that we are open to new technologies and at the same time offer a new payment experience as an additional service, ”explains Jean-Yves Blatt, General Manager The Chedi Andermatt.

From an amount of CHF 200.00, hotel guests can now pay as easily as with other traditional means of payment at the front desk with Bitcoin and Ethereum in The Chedi Andermatt. WL Crypto Payments enables the hotel to offer payments in crypto currencies without exposing guests to a volatility risk – the crypto transactions are converted into Swiss francs immediately after confirmation.

“Worldline stands for the acceptance of all national and international means of payment and offers the most modern payment technology in the interest of a smooth payment experience for guests. This has recently also included the acceptance of crypto currencies as a means of payment at the POS. We are very pleased that The Chedi Andermatt, as a pioneer in the industry, is relying on the exciting new payment method ”, so Marc Schluep, CEO of Worldline Switzerland.

After the start of the new payment option with crypto currencies in The Chedi Andermatt, further crypto projects are planned together with Bitcoin Suisse.

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