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Leonardo DiCaprio invests this mega-sum in environmental protection

It is a matter close to his heart! Many know the Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio (46) above all as a screen twinkle who had cast a spell on his fans with Titanic at the latest. Apart from acting, the 46-year-old has been committed to environmental protection for some time. Now he wants to make it clear to everyone: In order to preserve nature worth living in, Leo is not afraid to dig deep into his own pocket!

With the record-breaking sum of no less than 43 million euros, the “Shutter Island” star is now supporting a project of its own environmental protection organization “Re: wild”. Above Instagram the American announces that he intends with the generous investment to preserve the biodiversity on the Galapagos Islands. This includes the protection of endangered animal species, such as the pink iguana or the giant tortoise.

Leo does not want to watch the destruction of nature continue and is ready to act decisively. That goes down well with his admirers. “This is really wonderful! Thank you, Leo, for everything you do,” or “Great job” or something “Let’s save nature”, one reads in the comment column on the post of the passionate wildlife saver.

Leonardo DiCaprio, environmental activist
Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood star
Leonardo DiCaprio, actor

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