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Kate Winslet banned body retouching on her movie sex scene

Kate Winslet (45) brings more reality to Hollywood! The actress has been one of the big names in the film industry since the nineties. She became world famous for her leading role in the classic film Titanic. The native British has been in front of the camera for thirty years and recently even dropped the covers for a sex scene. Now it became known: Kate refused to have her belly cut from the scene in post-production.

In an interview with The New York Times the 45-year-old spoke about her role in the crime series “Mare of Easttown”, which has just been released. The TV bosses probably wanted to cut her slightly fuller belly out of a sex scene or to retouch it. Kate has forbidden that – the audience should be able to identify with a woman who “has no filters”. “She is a fully functional, flawed woman with a body and a face that moves in ways that move with her age […] matches “she described her role. In addition, the notoriety added that the audience had probably “starved” when it came to such realistic representations.

as Kate saw that her face had been edited on promo pictures of the same series, she also protested and insisted that the photos be published without retouching. “Guys, I know how many lines I have next to my eye! Please make them back again”she urged those responsible.

Kate Winslet, actress
Kate Winslet, actress
Kate Winslet, British actress



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