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Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: Who’s the Monster Here?

D.he drama that has been taking place in a London court for a few days is entitled “John Christopher Depp II vs. News Group Newspaper Ltd”. The material is so profound, so unsavory that you either have to look away in disgust or you can’t get enough of it at all.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had been married for just over a year

Source: AFP

As in most great dramas, the starting point is a love story. It started when Johnny Depp, 57, one of the highest paid actors in the world, and Amber Heard, 34, rising Hollywood beauty, met while filming The Rum Diary. It ended in 2016 when Depp broke up with her after she played a “prank” on him, as she later put it.

Playing a prank in some cultures may mean putting a whoop’s pillow on someone’s chair or smearing glue on the doorknob. For Amber Heard, it meant defecating in her husband’s bed.

The process gives an insight into a marriage in which both sides apparently made life hell for each other. For the public, however, the sole culprit was quickly identified: Johnny Depp. The British newspaper “The Sun” was certain: Depp, who has been addicted to alcohol and cocaine for years, is a “woman beater”. On the other hand, he went to court.

A celebrity is suing a British newspaper for defamation. Everyday life for the yellow press, one might think, did not appear in the process rows of names that read like a – rather unsorted – lexicon of superstars. From Elton John (pop star, saved Depp from drug death), to Michael Mann (star director and Depp’s credibility witness) and Hunter S. Thompson (writer, wished that his ashes would be shot into the sky above Colorado with a self-made cannon after his suicide in 2005 which Depp made possible for him for five million dollars) to Elon Musk (entrepreneur and affair with Amber Heard, but insists on dating her after her divorce from Depp).

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When the separation became known in 2016, Heard had addressed the public with a selfie, a clearly visible bruise on his cheek. Her husband, she said, repeatedly abused her during the marriage. But there are many indications that Depp is not the thug she branded him as, but was a victim of domestic violence himself.

The cross-examination of the “Sun” attorney Sasha Wass pursued the goal of portraying Depp as a “monster” in the courtroom. He has called himself that for years when he is hit by bouts of depression. Yes, he admitted in court that he had also become violent, once he destroyed a hotel room while intoxicated (in 1995 at the side of his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss). But instead of attacking a person, he would have preferred to smash a couch.

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The mother of his two children, Vanessa Paradis, and his former girlfriend Winona Ryder have already given assurances that Depp never hit them. They want to testify in the coming week. Just like a former assistant to Heards, who has already revealed to the press that she had been humiliated by her ex-boss for years.

Heard, who understandably suffered from her husband’s addictions, from his crashes and film tears, which claims to have found him again and again in his vomit, apparently took up drugs regularly herself. When the “Sun” lawyer remarked that she had drunk two or three glasses of wine in the evening, Depp said: “Rather two or three bottles!”

Sound recordings shed new light on relationship drama

British media have released sound recordings to prove that Amber Heard is not a victim, but a perpetrator. She is said to have mistreated her then husband, actor Johnny Depp.

In a conversation recording from a session at the couples therapist, which was leaked on the Internet, a clear but very exhausted idiot can be heard. He had hoped, he said, that the arguments would be less after the wedding, but the opposite has happened. What Heard says in the hour-long recording is like a confession, even if she sees no guilt in her.

Their defense is no different from that of beating husbands: He make her get violent over and over again. That she was throwing pots and pans at him. What she has to reproach him for, he asks, during the most recent argument he just watched TV in his room.

The many drugs can be seen in what was once the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Heard, however, appears in court as a radiant beauty. But who is beauty and who is beast here, as in most great dramas, cannot be seen at first glance.

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