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Jennifer Aniston adopts the puppy Lord Chesterfield

Animal growth
Dog adopted: Aniston family has added to the family

Jennifer Aniston smiles at the camera

Jennifer Aniston immediately fell in love with her new protégé

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Jennifer Aniston’s new puppy not only captured the heart of his mistress immediately, but also that of Aniston’s followers. An Instagram video and the fact that little Lord Chesterfield comes from the animal shelter inspires all dog lovers.

On Sunday, Jennifer Aniston shared a video of her new pup, Lord Chesterfield. Not only the name of the little one is special, but apparently also the character of the young dog. The video shows him lying on his back and falling asleep with a bone in his mouth.

“Hi, I would like to introduce you to our newest family member … This is the (very tired) Lord Chesterfield. He won my heart immediately,” enthuses Aniston on Instagram. Then she thanks the “Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa” with a “HUGE thank you”, which gave her the little dog.

Adopted instead of bought

Lord Chesterfield does not come from a breed, but was rescued and now adopted by Jennifer Aniston. Aniston writes on Instagram that she is very grateful for the rescues and for the fact that Wagmor is taking such good care of animals that are waiting to move into a new home. Aniston has two other dogs: the pit bull lady Sophie and the schnauzer mix Clyde.

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Last December, Aniston told People magazine that she was about to adopt a puppy or other animal again. She shared about her friend, Ellen DeGeneres, who constantly bombarded her with heartbreaking images of animals looking for a home. She also said that if her dogs Clyde and Sophie could handle it, she would adopt any animal. They are very sensitive and the top priority is that they are both happy.

Little Lord Chesterfield gets a lot of virtual donation on Instagram. Jennifer Aniston’s celebrity friends, but also fans, can’t get enough of him. You are already looking forward to new pictures and videos of the little lord.

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