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Jana Pareigis private: Between family and TV studio! This is how the new “today” presenter lives

Jana Pareigis will be the new presenter of the news program “heute” on ZDF from the end of July 2021. You can find out everything else there is to know about the popular journalist here.

Jana Pareigis will moderate the news magazine “heute” from July 2021.
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After Petra Gerster said goodbye to TV, her successor as the presenter of the news program “heute” has already been determined: Jana Pareigis. Here we can tell you what makes the journalist tick in her private life.

Origin, parents and family: Jana Pareigis was adopted

She was born on June 23, 1971 in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Her father is from Sim-babwe, her mother is German. Immediately after the birth, Jana Pareigis is given up for adoption by her parents and she grows up with her new family. Her adoptive parents come from Sweden and Germany.

Jana Pareigis does volunteer work after graduating from school

Immediately after graduating from high school, she went to Zimbabwe for 1 ½ years, where she volunteered with children. She is studying political science and African studies at the University of Hamburg and also attends courses in Berlin and at New York’s Hunter College.

Education and career of journalist Jana Pareigis

After graduating, she worked for various newspaper publishers and for the Reuters news agency. She is also part of the UN Peacekeeping Department. Jana Pareigis then takes off with television. She becomes the assistant to the editor-in-chief of N24 in the Berlin studio. From 2010 she works as a TV presenter for Deutsche Welle on the news program “Journal”. Jana Pareigis becomes the presenter of the “Morgenmagazin” on ZDF in 2014 and since 2018 she has been the main presenter of the “Mittagsmagazin”.

Jana Pareigis succeeds Petra Gerster at “heute” news

In February 2021 Jana Pareigis will make her debut on the renowned news program. In May, the station announced that news icon Petra Gerster is leaving the news format after 23 years and that Jana Pareigis will be her worthy successor. Pareigis will greet the audience for the first time on the ZDF news program “heute” on July 27, 2021 at 7 pm.

Pareigis has set himself the goal: “I want to inspire people for what is happening in the world.” The linguistic work on the news is particularly important to her, said Pareigis of the German Press Agency – “and how do I prepare it so that it becomes interesting for the television audience”. In the television news, in contrast to the written news, she sees “the chance that I as a person can take people with me, convey what is happening to them”.

Jana Pareigis works against racism

Due to the color of her skin, the likeable TV presenter herself had to have had bad experiences due to hostility. Jana Pareigis has also been insulted several times on the Internet, but has filed a complaint. She is committed to the fight against racism and also posts on social networks such as Twitter again and again related news.

In 2016 she moderated the documentary “Afro Germany”, in which the topic “Racism in Germany” is in the foreground. In the book “The Fire Next Time” written by the American writer James Baldwin, Jana Pareigis is present with a foreword about the author and her own experiences on the subject of racism.

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Man, baby and children? This is how Jana Pareigis lives privately

Little is known about the journalist in private. It is impossible to find out whether she is married and has a husband. In 2018 it was announced that she was expecting a baby. Actually, she wanted to keep the gender of the baby to herself, but Hollywood star Denzel Washington revealed in the ZDF “Mittagsmagazin” that the presenter is expecting a boy. Nobody around them knew about it. “Oh god, I have to call a few people,” she remembers on the program “DAS!” at the moment. Her baby bump could not be overlooked on TV. It remains uncertain who the man by her side is. The presenter lives with her son in Berlin.

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