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Is there a sequel to the war satire?

Two stoners get into the arms business during the Iraq war. We’ll tell you whether the two will trade in weapons again in “War Dogs 2”.


In “War Dogs” David (Miles Teller) and Efraim (Jonah Hill) lead a quiet life. Miami Beach is the adopted home of the two friends who like to smoke weed. While David finances his mind-numbing hobby as a masseur, Efraim finances himself as an arms dealer. When the Iraq war finally breaks out and the American government awards arms contracts to smaller companies, the stoned duo senses big business. Will the war satire be continued with “War Dogs 2”?

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“War Dogs”: An absurd adventure with a true background

The story of “War Dogs”, which director Todd Phillips (“Joker”) has staged with such a confident style, seems even more angry when you look at the background. Because what sounds so absurd and funny and is undoubtedly a Hollywood comedy is based on real events. In fact, the two eponymous young men entered into arms deals with the United States, albeit with military equipment, the origin of which the duo tried to disguise. The lucrative deal eventually resulted in a fraud conviction.

Journalist Guy Lawson picked up the extraordinary story in a newspaper article and later addressed it in his book “Arms and the Dudes”. Todd Phillips wrapped this monstrous matter in an absurd satire and thus highlighted the questionable procurement of the US government at the time. Will the filmmaker use this template again for “War Dogs 2”?

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Is “War Dogs 2” still to come?

Even if this unbelievable story would certainly provide material for a “War Dogs 2”, nothing is known about a sequel to the comedy. But if you want to see the topic of war satirically processed in other films, there are a few alternatives:

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