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Is OnlyFans a problem? – The discussion about women in eSports

Exciting streams and only fans have seen a huge boom in the pandemic. But is this kind of self-expression a problem for women on the Internet?

I find it difficult to write this article, especially because of course I want to make the right choice of words and not cause any shit storms. Why do I actually have these thoughts? The topic triggers discussions one way or another, no matter what I’m going to write here.

Not all is bad, that should be said. However, the sexualization of women in the scene is a recurring theme, albeit not self-inflicted with hot tub streams and OnlyFans accounts. While I personally, as a woman, take the matter more loosely, there are other women who struggle hard with it.

There are regular insults in voice chats and denunciation of players, only because of their gender. We can find examples of this en masse on the Internet, I have also made a video about it:

Body for clicks and dollars

I’d like to digress a little from the topic of gaming and esports to explain the following in more detail:

Streams and OnlyFans have seen a huge boom in the pandemic. At the same time, the pandemic has put a large part of the population in a financial emergency.

Introduce yourself:

You get fired, you can’t find a new job, the social insurances fail – what do you do then?

You are not allowed out, which is precisely why you spend a large part of your time on social media, where you read more about the OnlyFans accounts, find out how much money can be made with it and, as a woman, it soon sounds like a good solution to your plight.

OnlyFans was also an issue for me in summer 2020, but I decided against it with regard to personal consequences – because I was looking for a job and the general consequences such as the sexualization of women on the Internet worried me.

But not everyone thinks about the consequences of an action, in this example running an OnlyFans account, because you have to solve your problem in order to get you food to be able to buy and have a roof over your head. Put simply – survive at all cost.

I can understand this situation, but personally I am glad that I decided against it. Because at the end of the day I don’t want provocative pictures of myself to be haunted around the internet. We must not forget: what is on the internet stays on the internet. Beyoncé also had to find out.

No matter how we twist and turn it: This type of self-expression also contributes to the sexualization of women on the Internet. Inhibition thresholds drop and women are normalized as sexual objects.

Even if this is not directly related to gaming and eSports, this problem belongs in the same corner of pop culture and the zeitgeist. You cannot completely separate one part of the Internet from another.

But that’s my opinion. And I’m sure there are many different opinions from other women.

The discussion about women in eSports

The video sparked a discussion and a lot of reactions. Twitter was very factual and actively looked for a solution. The question: “As a man, what can I do about it?” stayed with me a lot.

You can find the answers in the following Twitter thread:

In our editorial team, the idea of ​​a discussion came up because we would like to offer the platform to conduct a public discussion and discussion of the topic – in an appropriate tone, of course.

We wanted to have a discussion with different individuals and different points of view on the topic of “Women in eSports”.

Above all, the points addressed in the “Hey Anja – Women in eSport” video up to “positive reports” such as the launch of the TSM – “Women Team” should be discussed. The whole thing would then be broadcast live on Twitch and uploaded afterwards as a YouTube video – that was the plan.

Probably for this reason only a few people have agreed to take part in the round.

The offer of a discussion round is of course still available, if you are interested please contact us.


Anja C. Kuhn is content creator and head of social media at With her previous experience as a photographer and videographer, she brings a lot of specialist knowledge and creativity to the table. She is also passionate about gaming and various social networks, in which she knows the latest trends and places perfectly there.

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