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Filming: Kate Winslet suffered a lot in nude scenes

Like many young film actresses, she fared: Kate Winslet used to be on her own when making revealing recordings.

Actress Kate Winslet used to find nude scenes “scary and intimidating”. That said the 45-year-old (“Titanic”) the British broadcaster BBC 4 on Tuesday.

It is correct that there are now specialized advisors for intimate scenes in filming. “When I was younger, nobody cared about it,” said Winslet. Just pronouncing words with a sexual content was difficult for her, the Briton continued.

For her role in the crime series “Mare of Easttown”, her director Craig Zobel showed a nude scene before cutting the footage to make sure she was okay with it. That didn’t exist in the past either. “It shows how things have changed bit by bit, that people pay attention to how women feel and how they want to be portrayed,” said the actress. But it was important to her that the recordings were not digitally edited afterwards, she emphasized.

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