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Emma Stone is officially on board for Disney’s “Cruella 2”

Cruella 2 Emma Stone

Emma Stone in Cruella © 2021 Walt Disney Studios

Source: Deadline

Anyone who has followed my articles on the subject in recent years may have noticed that I am not a particularly big fan of many real-life adaptations of the animated classics from Disney’s film catalog, which the studio has been producing on the assembly line for around ten years. There were some movies among them that I really enjoyed, such as Aladdin or, with slight cutbacks, Beauty and the Beast, but in most cases the real-life films couldn’t capture the magic of their originals and felt a bit like soulless CGI spectacles.

So I was all the more positively surprised by this year’s Cruella, the prehistory too 101 Dalmatians, who sheds light on the background of the villainous Cruella De Vil, perfectly embodied by an Oscar winner Emma Stone. Cruella received more human traits and a tragic history in her film, but in contrast to Disney’s Maleficent the satirical and punk energy exuding film did not try to completely rehabilitate the character. Her selfish, megalomaniac streak comes to the fore more and more clearly in the second half of the film and prepares her “final destination” as a dog-fur-obsessed villain well. Craig Gillespie’s lively, stylish staging, Tony McNamara’s snappy script and of course Stone’s obviously thieving fun in the multi-faceted role, which is over-the-top but not caricatured, made it Cruella for me straight away to the best real-life film from Disney so far.

Just because of the magnificent costumes and the great set design, I was glad Cruella to be seen on the big screen in Belgium. However, many viewers saw the film right at home when it was available in May parallel to the cinema release via the paid VIP access Disney + has been published. In the cinemas he grossed around $ 220 million worldwide, which was over Disney + remain secret. Obviously the station wagon was a success, because in June Disney started developing another sequel, again by the director / writer duo Gillespie and McNamara. Only this month, however, the most important requirement for the sequel was met: Emma Stone has officially signed the contract for the second film. In contrast to Black Widow– Star Scarlett Johansson, who sued Disney for not being compensated for the simultaneous home theater release, which is said to have brought her several million in stake in the agreed-upon box office, Stone appears to have been happy with her deal.

If Cruella 2 exclusively in the cinemas, only at Disney +, or will appear again as a mixed model, is still unclear, just as little when the film will come. Since yesterday is Cruella for all Disney +-Available free of charge to subscribers and I warmly recommend the film to you.

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