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Anna Kendrick: Crazy about Mr. Wrong

Anna Kendrick
Crazy about Mr. Wrong

Anna Kendrick

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Hollywood star Anna Kendrick used to love the wrong guys – that doesn’t happen to her anymore

For Anna Kendrick, 29, it was a real “agony” to compete for the attention of men.

The actress’ love life has been in the public eye since she celebrated her big breakthrough as an actress in 2009 with the film “Up in the Air”. Only last year she was rumored to have had a fuss with the “Game of Thrones” twinkle Alfie Allen, 28, but she is currently supposed to be dating the cameraman Ben Richardson, who worked on her 2013 film “Drinking Buddies”.

While the pretty American has figured out what type of man she’s into over the years, it was very different when she was younger. “In my youth up to my mid-twenties, it was torture for me to try to get the attention of guys who were not interested in me – not at all,” she mused in an interview with the “Nylon” – Magazine. “So I’m happy that my type of man is a nice guy today who likes me too.”

She also shared with the publication what impresses her about men and insisted that modesty is very important to her in others. “Sometimes I meet people who are too confident,” said the actress. “I think then,” I don’t even like being around you. You are boring. “Get a neurosis and then we can talk.” “

Anna is known for always giving her opinion in interviews or on Twitter. Her tweets often cause minor scandals, such as the comment that she touched herself in the cinema when she saw screen hottie Ryan Gosling (34, “Drive”) on the big screen – but such revelations were her own too Not uncomfortable in retrospect. “I don’t give a damn about it. Twitter only has 140 characters. There’s not so much I could reveal and regret later, “she grinned at her controversial post.

But she imagines a meeting with the Hollywood star to be a bit strange. “Thank goodness I’ve never been in a room with him [Ryan]! Still, I’m not embarrassed. I am sure he has a sense of humor. But then I would probably have the feeling that I [den Tweet] and would say something in the end that would make it much, much worse, “Anna Kendrick feared, probably not without reason.


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