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15-15-15 Method: This is how Jennifer Aniston keeps herself amazingly fit

At 52, actress Jennifer Aniston is still in great shape. In an interview with InStyle she went into detail about her fitness routine and also chatted about the methods she uses to take care of her physical health.

Jennifer Aniston uses the 15-15-15 method

“I had an injury last fall and could only do Pilates, which I absolutely love,” she says in the September issue of Lifestyle magazine. But they would soon have bored the exercises with low stress. “I missed that kind of sweat,” says Aniston, who has been on a tough fitness routine for years.

Now that she has fully recovered, she swears by her original exercise program, which primarily involves cardio training. “I returned to my 15-15-15 program,” she explains. This is a fifteen-minute circuit training that she does on the spinning bike, cross trainer and treadmill. “And then it’s just old school: I chase myself through a gym. I need exercise, even if it’s only ten minutes a day on a trampoline.”

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