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Tom Cruise: Star lands in an English family’s garden by helicopter

Why drive when you can also fly? Tom Cruise likes to take the shortcut through the air whenever possible. This recently brought an unforgettable visit to a family in the English county of Warwickshire. Alison Webb hadn’t thought of it when she was asked if the field behind her house could be used for a helicopter landing. There was only talk of a nameless VIP who threatened to be late for an appointment, the BBC quoted Webb as saying. Because the nearby airport was closed. She agreed: “I thought it would be kind of cool when the kids see a helicopter land in the garden,” she said. But then Cruise got out of the helicopter. “Wow,” said Webb of her family’s reaction. (Also read: Tom Cruise in a portrait – privately controversial, as a cinema star one of the greatest)

Tom Cruise surprises fans

The Hollywood star was approachable as usual. “He headed straight for the kids to chat,” said Webb. Then he greeted her with an elbow check and thanked her for the landing permit. But that’s not all: Cruise posed for many souvenir photos and even invited the children to a spontaneous sightseeing flight. Unfortunately, it was not Cruise who was at the control stick, but his pilot. Meanwhile, the actor disappeared to his meeting. He is currently filming Mission: Impossible 7 in England. “It turned out to be an incredible day,” said Webb. “It was surreal, I still can’t believe it happened.”

The news of the extraordinary flying visit was also the subject of James Corden’s talk show. “That’s what I miss most about life in England: Tom Cruise’s weekly helicopter visits,” joked the Briton. However, there was a grain of truth in it. Corden and Cruise are friends and recently wanted to meet in central London, the talk show host revealed. “He said: ‘Cool, can I land my helicopter there?'” (Also interesting: Tom Cruise – his most dangerous stunt so far in “Mission: Impossible 7”)

Tom Cruise arrives by helicopter

Corden thought it was a joke and responded with crying emojis. “Because who can land a helicopter in the courtyard. And he replied: ‘Does that mean no?'” Revealed the Briton, holding the chat on his phone into the camera as proof. He then wanted to convince Cruise that he couldn’t just take his helicopter for a tour of central London. Cruise replied: “You’d be amazed where I can land anywhere.”

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