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“Thor 4”: First picture of Christian Bale as MCU villain – News 2021

The first set pictures of Christian Bale as the new “Thor 4” villain have appeared on Twitter. Anyone who is happy to see a brutal-looking villain will unfortunately have to be disappointed. Bale’s costume became the laughing stock of the day.

Next year the eagerly awaited “Thor 4: Love And Thunder” will finally start in the cinemas. The MCU movie, which has been in the works for years and trains like a madman for Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, is finally being shot. In the past few weeks we have received several pictures from the set. But now the whole thing is experiencing its climax, because the latest photos show Christian Bale as Gorr, the butcher of the gods.

So far nothing unusual, the Batman actor was announced in advance as the villain of “Thor 4: Love And Thunder”. The reason why Marvel fans get upset in the social networks or make fun of the photos is not Bale, but the costume itself. Christian Bale looks more like the Silver surfer from the Marvel comics than Gorr, his appearance is also known from comics.

The photos show Bale wrapped in a robe that is entirely silver and has no other features. Even if Gorr the God-butcher is still being processed with CGI, the new images offered a large target area for ridicule. Numerous Twitter fans are currently making fun of the set pictures. Bale looks like a Greek statue in his costume.



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