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This drugstore hair color will make you look younger

Look a few years younger overnight? Yes, you can – with the right hair color. Which shade, which you can even get yourself in the drugstore, is ideal for women over 40, we are of course only too happy to tell you!

Do you have an important virtual call and want to cheat yourself a few years younger in no time? Then we have the ultimate anti-aging program ready with immediate effects. How exactly is that supposed to work? With the right hairstyle, of course! Because, believe it or not: Ours Hair has a much clearer and, above all, faster effect on our appearance than a whole row of shelves full of promising creams. If we color them in the right shade, they emphasize our chocolate side, while small blemishes such as wrinkles or age spots are simply erased optically. Especially with It is therefore very easy for women over 40, who often still have a very rich natural color, to reach into the bag of tricks and think about the Real Life Anti-Aging Filter with the right shade. And it’s super cheap too! Because You can already find the perfect hair color for your personal makeover in the drugstore. We’ll now reveal what it is and what makes it so special.

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This hair color makes your face shine youthfully

As soon as you look in the mirror, does it whisper “botox” in your head? Nonsense that The magic word against wrinkles is “Bronde”. Hair experts swear by this shade for women over 40. Shades that match the natural or previous color of the mane give a warm touch-up, visually lift the facial features and make the head look so youthful, celebrity hair stylist Damien Rayner knows. The “Syoss Oleo Intense Hair Color” in the shade of “caramel brown” is perfect for the rejuvenation cure (via Amazon, for approx. 13 euros). The mixture of blonde and brown looks more natural than a cool (colored) blonde and makes your complexion look plumper and ensures that the Hair get a healthy shine from the nourishing oils it contains. The secret: the bright and Caramel-colored undertones in hair reflect sunlight better than any other color and so easily shine away small wrinkles on the eyes and forehead. So we are literally flashed by the result!

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