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The Queen breathes sweet air

F.Let’s start today with a mindfulness exercise that we in Echo of the woman have read. It’s about the great power of little happiness: “Look for the beautiful in everyday life. A pretty little flower in the grass, a butterfly dancing by in the air, a children’s drawing in chalk on the sidewalk. Perceive moments with as many senses as possible. ”And it works. This morning my PC hung up and I took several deep breaths. At first nothing happened until I gently stroked the screen and shut down the device. Indescribable, the beauty of the moment when it suddenly worked again.

Anke Schipp

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

The actor Philipp Moog seems to be a professional when it comes to mindfulness: “I talk to the plants in my garden,” he told him Colorful. “We don’t have any dialogues. But I touch them and communicate with them. ”We wonder how to communicate without dialogue? If Moog texts his plants: “Imagine, I have a new role offer” or “My audience was gigantic again”. A hydrangea in the actor’s front yard must feel like a narcissist’s wife, only that a divorce is ruled out.

The Queen also leads a mindful life when she spends the summer at the Scottish Balmoral Castle. After research by the Current the monarch sleeps there with the window open: “The air is gentle and sweet. It smells of pine needles and damp moss. You can hear the rushing of the river Dee, which runs through the valley like a silver ribbon, ”it continues. On Google Maps, however, we found out that there is a piece of forest between the castle and the river and the rushing of the water should hardly be heard when the window is open, but let’s turn a blind eye, dear CurrentAfter all, looking at the fairytale castle we almost fell into fables.

The Queen's problem child: Prince Andrew

The Queen’s problem child: Prince Andrew

Image: EPA

Unfortunately, a sobering report four pages further reminded us that we don’t have royals. Just how glamorous the life of our former heads of state is was revealed by a reader of Current who met Joachim Gauck in front of his brick holiday home in the Baltic Sea resort of Wüstrow and took photos. We see that the former Federal President is wearing a denim shirt and sandals. Life partner Daniela Schadt was just peeling potatoes. The overall findings of the Current reads after this afternoon: In his brick building, Gauck can “simply be ‘the Jochen'”.

It is quite possible that Elizabeth, too, can simply be “Elizabeth” in the 70 rooms of Balmoral Castle without the inconvenience of annoying charity events. Nevertheless, the mindful moments are likely to be rare these days, because there are some trouble-makers among the summer vacationers who can hope in vain that they will not attract any further attention during rides and tea parties. Long-term problem child Prince Andrew has been charged with sexual abuse in New York since this week. His son-in-law Jack Brooksbank, husband of Princess Eugenie, has to explain his compromising photos with revealing models on a yacht in the Mediterranean to the Queen. The brand ambassador for a tequila drink “just did his job” on Capri, says mother-in-law Duchess Sarah, who defends him Current. So: It’s not what it looks like? Is he maybe just a gentleman who takes care of the staff and puts towels over their bare bodies while the sun sinks into the sea at Capri? We would counter in Eugenie’s place: That’s a likely story. (Whoever believes it will be saved).

Became a football fan for her Tom: Heidi Klum

Became a football fan for her Tom: Heidi Klum

Image: AFP

Other stays on Capri, the celebrity hotspot of the summer, will be far more positively remembered. Jennifer Lopez strolled through the alleys with old new love Ben Affleck and refuted the wisdom “Only sauerkraut tastes good when warmed up”. Heidi Klum sent selfies from Capri every second and gave Echo of the woman Incidentally, tips on what makes a good wife: “If you take part in the interests of your partner.” For her Tom, she has become a football fan. We were only irritated because we read in the same publication that the “romantic secret of happiness” of the pop singer Bernhard Brink was mutual freedom: “While the pop singer is very interested in football, the business administration graduate loves extensive shopping tours.” Now what?

All those couples who are still in the acquisition phase could be pensive. Like Gloria-Sophie, daughter of Markus Söder, who was spotted with the Berlin rapper Eno, but only speaks of friendship. In doing so, she should be inspired by Dad’s deputy Hubert Aiwanger, who showed how to quickly sound out one’s interests. The politician said aloud to his partner Tanja Schwaiger Colorful On the day we met: “You have to run for the next Regensburg District Administrator.” At the time, she asked: “What do you have to be able to do there? I have no idea about politics. ”And what is the former bank employee doing today? She is the district administrator of Regensburg. Quite the good wife.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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