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That’s the real story behind the movie

In 2019 the Hollywood film “Le Mans 66 – Against Every Chance” by director James Mangold (57) was released and was very successful.

Real top-class players slipped into the leading roles: Matt Damon (50), who even lived in a shared apartment with fellow actors Ben Affleck (48), and Christian Bale (47), who is known for completely changing his roles. But not only that, there is also a true story behind the Hollywood film.

In fact, the racing driver flick is based on the autobiography “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed ​​and Glory at Le Mans” by AJ Baime. It’s about the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race in the sixties.

The focus is on the racing drivers “Carroll Shelby”, played by Matt Damon and “Ken Miles”, played by Christian Bale. Above all, the duel between the two companies Ford and Ferrari is dealt with in the film.

“Le Mans 66 – Against Every Chance”: The main characters were also in real life

The two main characters also existed in real life. Carroll Shelby won the Le Mans race in 1959. Ken Miles was a mechanic and raced cars himself. Together, the two made it their goal to be at the forefront at Le Mans with Ford and, above all, to win the duel with the racing giant Ferrari.

The two developed the Ford GT40 racing car, which is still a cult car to this day, in order to compete in the 1966 24-hour race. What happened to the two men you can find out in the video.

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