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Stagnation: Bitcoin and Co .: The crypto market runs out of steam before the weekend | news

After numerous digital currencies had risen significantly at the start of the week, they lost ground again over the course of the week. Many digital stocks stagnated on Friday.

Bitcoin, the oldest and largest cryptocurrency on the market, cost around 47,380 US dollars at times before the weekend. On Monday, the price had risen significantly and climbed above the round mark of $ 50,000 for the first time since May. The trigger on the market was the announcement by the large payment service PayPal that it would expand its established crypto offering in the USA to the UK. According to this, British customers will be able to trade Bitcoin and three other digital values ​​in the future.

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Since other Internet currencies such as the number two, ether, also benefited from the announcement, the market volume of all around 11,400 digital stocks increased. Right now it’s a good two trillion dollars. That is significantly less than the record high of $ 2.5 trillion in May. Bitcoin’s record high, which was marked in April, is also well above the current rate at just under $ 65,000. After the record, the price fell significantly, but in the end it went up again. Bitcoin has risen by around $ 20,000 since mid-July.

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