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SpaceX: Elon Musk wants to bring advertising into space – payment with Ethereum & Dogecoin | 08/26/21

• SpaceX partners with Geometric Energy Corporation

• Advertisements should be paid for with cryptocurrencies

• GEC CEO Samuel Reid is also responsible for the Doge 1 mission

SpaceX and Geometric Energy Corporation want to bring advertising into space

Together with the Canadian technology service provider Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), SpaceX wants to bring advertising into space in the future. The CEO of the Canadian company Samuel Reid announced to Business Insider. GEC is working on building a cube-shaped satellite, the “CubeSat”. On one side of the satellite there will be a pixelated screen that will be used to broadcast advertisements, logos and art. The “CubeSat” is to be brought into orbit via a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX before the rocket finally arrives at the moon. The image is transmitted using a selfie stick, which is attached to the satellite and films the screen. The whole thing should then be broadcast via YouTube or Twitch. As Reid further reports, the “CubeSat” should come onto the market in early 2022. In order to be able to advertise, five tokens must be acquired: Beta for the X coordinate, Rho for the Y coordinate, Gamma for the brightness, Kappa for the color and XI for the time. According to Reid, the aim of advertising in space is to “democratize access to space”.

Payment should be made with cryptocurrencies

The tokens are to be paid for with Ethereum. However, Reid also states that the company also wants to enable Dogecoin as a means of payment in the future. How much exactly the individual tokens should cost has not yet been specified by Reid. And SpaceX has not yet provided any information about this either.


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The CEO of GEC also explains that everyone should be able to advertise on the “CubeSat”. It shouldn’t matter whether a company wants to display its logo or an artist wants to display his work of art. Reid just hoped people wouldn’t use the satellite for something inappropriate or offensive.

Doge 1 mission

GEC is not only working with SpaceX on the satellite, however. The startup is also involved in the Doge 1 mission. The memes-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin is accepted as full payment for the moon payload, as reported by CNBC. The mission is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2022 and bring the Doge 1 (a Falcon 9 rocket) to the moon. It will also be this rocket that will launch the “CubeSat” into earth orbit. With this, the companies want to show the application of cryptocurrencies beyond the orbit of the earth and lay the foundation for interplanetary trade.

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