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Sabine and Rainer unveiled their stars • KLiCK Kärnten

A star on the “Walk of Fame” on the lake promenade at Klopeiner Seer has so far only been the pianist Ingolf miracle, DJ Ötzi, Model and actress Larissa Marolt and posthumously dedicated to Udo Jürgens. Two more stars were revealed yesterday. The former overall winners of the Slalom World Cup Sabine Egger (1999) and Rainer Schönfelder (2004) made the revelation personally. Schönfelder not only won the Slalom World Cup, but also two bronze medals in slalom and combined at the Olympic Games in Turin (2206).

The revealing

Musically accompanied by the Möchling-Klopeiner See music association under the direction of Klaus Kniely Egger and Schönfelder marched on the lake promenade to personally reveal their stars. Greetings came from the mayor Thomas Krainz, the second president of the state parliament Jakob Strauss and Bleiburg’s mayor Stefan Visotschnig. Vice-mayors were also seen among the guests of honor Alois Lach, SC Petzen chairman Hermann Innerwinkler, the managing director of the tourism region Klopeiner See-Südkärnten Robert Karlhofer with the head of the St. Kanzian Tourism Association Brigitte Matschnig and trainer Andreas Kristan with a delegation of ski youth from SC Petzen. The event was moderated by Christian Rosenzopf.

Schönfelder caused a laugh in his acceptance speech: “George Clooney has a star in Hollywood. But the difference to Sabine and me is that Clooney has no idea of ​​a left or right turn. “Egger was very happy about her star:” For me it is a huge surprise. It is an appreciation for my performance in top-class sport. “

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