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Refraining from the beauty routine was challenging

Kate Winslet found it hard to go without her beauty routine during lockdown.

The British actress is usually a regular customer at beauty salons and indulges in her favorite treatments. When the beauty salons had to close during the corona pandemic, the 45-year-old was faced with completely new challenges. “I would have killed for a pedicure. And I found it very upsetting not to have waxing,” she confesses in an interview with ‘Grazia’ magazine.

In the meantime, however, she has found pleasure in it. “It’s not bad to learn to live without these physical pleasures and let go. It means less pressure, you know?” Explains Kate. “It’s a time when we judge others less. It gives people permission to love themselves more. That’s true in my case, too. I feel like I need to worry less about that stupid bit of cellulite . “

In addition, through the lockdown, she learned to allow herself more relaxation. “As a mother, I am always juggling things for other people and suddenly there was time to do something for myself,” says the ‘Mare of Easttown’ actress. “When I’m not filming, I wake up at 6am, make breakfast for everyone, and take the boys to school. After that, I take the dog for a walk. I try to exercise several times a week and do cardio bars or ride the peloton bike. “



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