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Platform stars: That’s why OnlyFans is better than expected!

Does the successful OnlyFans platform really do justice to its sometimes dubious image? The paid content network has fallen into disrepute among numerous Internet users in recent months. The reason: The website mainly offers pornographic content for a monthly fee – in short: sexy pics and clips by subscription. But how do the users of the platform see it themselves? CodeList asked the Temptation Island star and OnlyFans model Luisa Krappmann (19) …

“I think it is 100 percent unjustified that OnlyFans has a bad reputation at all,” emphasizes Luisa im CodeList-Interview. After all, there would be a script for conventional porn shoots – and in a certain way the producer also decides what happens in the film. “But on OnlyFans you are completely self-determined as a woman and in general”, explains the blonde, making it clear: “If you feel uncomfortable with some things, you just don’t have to do them!”

In addition, unlike in the porn industry, you don’t have to meet any requirements in order to be successful. “You don’t even have to completely undress to be successful. It just depends more on how you interact with your fans.”, clarifies Luisa. Regardless of personal posture or even body size, anyone can run an OnlyFans account. The influencer sums up: “That’s why, in my opinion, there is absolutely no reason why OnlyFans should have a bad reputation.”

Luisa Krappmann, influencer
Luisa Krappmann in November 2020
Luisa Krappmann, reality TV star

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