Sunday, September 19, 2021 - Anna Kendrick: Soon behind the camera too? – Anna Kendrick: Soon behind the camera too?

The Hollywood beauty (29, ‘Up in the Air’) can’t complain about role offers after being seen in two critically acclaimed productions last year alone – the drama ‘Cake’ and the musical film ‘Into The Woods’ was. Next up is ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, but Anna wonders if she would be suitable for other jobs on the film set.

“I really enjoy acting. But I think I could also be a great first assistant director, ”said the American confidently. «In this job you have to organize everything for the director. I would be more efficient than anyone because I’m totally obsessed with details. I can get really psychotic if there is an unintentional pause while shooting or something doesn’t go right. “

Normally Anna holds back, if she were on set as an assistant director, she would make sure “that the film is shot in record time”. According to her own statement, this would not make her popular. “The whole team would hate me, and I would probably feel bad about myself. But I would be so damn good at it! “

Talent at the oven

Another talent of canvas grace is baking. What she particularly likes is the fact that you can ultimately control your efforts.

“Acting also has its limits. Because what you can do with it cannot be grasped with your hands. When I get home after a hard day of filming, I can’t show anyone what I’ve done. I don’t know how far I’ve come with a film. But when I hold a cupcake in my hand, I can say: ‘I did it,’ »said Anna Kendrick happily.

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