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Netflix hosts worldwide fan event with sneak peeks for new series

On September 25th, Netflix is ​​hosting “Tudum,” a huge fan event that will air online on YouTube, Twitter and Twitch. The event will include sneak peeks on new series and films.

Some stars will also be there, as can be seen in their announcement on social media.

“Netflix” event on September 25th

It is the first fan event that the streaming service is hosting. Netflix calls it “Tudum”. Why “Tudum”? It’s the sound we get before each series when we hit play. The online event will take place on September 25th at 6 p.m. and will apparently spoil series junkies with some insights. During the three-hour streaming event, exclusive sneak peeks will be given to productions such as “Stranger Things”, “Bridgerton”, “The Witcher” or “House of Money”. The trailer for the announcement shows, among others, the “Stranger Things” leading actors, as well as Adam Sandler, Henry Cavill, Charlize Theron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The only question that remains is whether we will all see them at the event. Of the According to the announcement on Instagram, all of the Netflix stars will be there.

Fans called for co-streaming

The streaming platform is also calling on its fan base to do the to share the planned event on their own channels. Interested parties can, if they wish, simply co-stream the unique online event on Facebook, Twitch or other channels and thus share it with their followers.

Wohooo! So we’re definitely there and you? 😍



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