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Mark Wahlberg does not return: title, date and actors of the new Transformers film revealed – culture

Optimus Prime should of course not be missing in the new part. Photo: 2010 Paramount Pictures Corporation

For a long time it has been alarmingly quiet about the new part of the “Transformers” series. But now it feels like Paramount has released all the information at once.

In a little over ten years, between 2007 and 2018, six “Transformers” films saw the light of day in the cinema world. At part seven, however, it has been quiet for years – until now. The US film studio Paramount Pictures answered the four most burning questions about the upcoming blockbuster. With a short post on Instagram, the studio announced the title, the targeted start date, the director and the two stars of the flick.

Once the Hasbro toys find their way onto the big screen, they will be called “Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts”. The start date is June 24th, 2022, exactly in one year. However, there will be no reunion with Mark Wahlberg (50, parts four and five) or Shia LaBeouf (35, parts one to three). Instead, Anthony Ramos (29, “Hamilton”) and Dominique Fishback (30, “Project Power”) will be the main characters.

No bombast without a bay?

And there will also be a change on the director’s chair, as with the offshoot “Bumblebee”. While bombast master Michael Bay (56) was responsible for the first five films, filmmaker Steven Caple Jr. (33, “Creed II – Rocky’s Legacy”) will try to breathe new life into the franchise for “Rise Of The Beasts”.

Who, of course, cannot be missing in the new film is Autobot boss Optimus Prime. He will not only have to deal with the nasty Decepticons, but, as the title suggests, also meet robots in animal form. According to the US industry website “Deadline”, the new part takes place in 1994 and shows locations from New York City to Machu Picchu.



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