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Love Rumor: Did Bella Hadid Fish Jack Nicholson’s Grandson? – Entertainment

Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson are said to be a couple. Photo: [M] Carrie-nelson / Admedia (

The beginning of a new celebrity dream couple? Allegedly, model Bella Hadid and Duke Nicholson, grandson of Hollywood star Jack Nicholson, have been meeting for a month now.

Like grandpa, like grandson? Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson (83, “Shining”) has literally cultivated a reputation as a womanizer. And Duke Nicholson (born 1999), the son of Jack Nicholson’s daughter Jennifer, is increasingly following in the footsteps of his world-famous grandfather, both professionally and privately. As “Page Six”, the gossip page of the “New York Post”, claims to have found out, the young actor has been dating model Bella Hadid (24) for at least a month.

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Hadid also spent her birthday on October 9th with Duke Nicholson before she and her best friends took a private jet to an island, it is said. However, the two have not yet been spotted together, the report is based on information from a confidante of the alleged couple.

Professionally, Duke Nicholson made his acting debut last year. He got a small role in Jordan Peeles (41) horror flick “We”. He can also be seen on the album cover of Lana Del Rey’s (35) record “Norman Fucking Rockwell”, which was released in the same year. And in the film “Dreamland”, which is in post-production and has not yet started, he works alongside Gary Oldman (62), Armie Hammer (34) and Evangeline Lilly (41).



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