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Kim Kardashian in a white wedding dress at Kanye West’s album presentation

Spectacular appearance: Kim Kardashian in a wedding dress at Kanye West’s album presentation

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Dressed in a white wedding dress, Kim Kardashian performed at the public presentation of Kanye West’s new album “Donda”

Kanye West presented his new album “Donda” to enthusiastic fans. The highlight was an appearance by still-wife Kim Kardashian – who entered the stadium in a white wedding dress.

When artists release an album, they usually do a few interviews, post the good news on social media, and be good. Not so with Kanye West. The rapper has already called himself the “greatest rock star on the planet” and most recently ran for the office of US president. It goes without saying that he doesn’t just put a new work into the world. This event is duly celebrated with him at a public presentation.

And so West, who is now called “Ye”, presented his latest album “Donda” at several events: he performed his new pieces twice at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Georgia. A third presentation followed on Thursday evening at Soldier Field, a football stadium in Chicago. This time the event was even streamed live from Apple Music. The musician had the house of his childhood, where he grew up, rebuilt in an elaborate stage design. Donda is the name of his mother who died in 2007.

Kim Kardashian walks up to Kanye West

The highlight and end of the event was the appearance of Kim Kardashian. The 44-year-old’s still-wife, who filed for divorce in February, entered the stadium in a white wedding dress with a long veil over her face. To the sound of West’s new track “No Child Left Behind,” Kardashian stepped through a crowd of dancers before stopping in front of Kanye West – who lights them up before the stadium lights go out and the show is over.

Here you can watch the scene on Youtube. From the 29:08 minute onwards, Kim Kardashian appears

Kardashian’s appearance doesn’t mean she and Kanye West want to try again. As reported by the celebrity portal “TMZ”, friends of the family have clearly rejected hopes of a love comeback for the couple. Even so, Kardashian’s appearance at Soldier Field will be remembered for a long time.

Source used: Youtube


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