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Keanu Reeves: This healthy diet makes him John Wick – at any age

Keanu Reeves doesn’t seem to age. It has long been suggested on the internet that the actor who started his career in the late 80s still looks like a young man who is a role model for everyone. In the film series “John Wick”, the Lebanon-born action star proves that he is still athletic even at over 50. How does he do it? In addition to rigorous military training, the key to eternal youth lies in his diet.

Reeves recently told Men’s Journal about his exercise diet: “Low in sodium, low in fat, and I’ll still have a steak the night before a big fight sequence.” He notes that he has followed this nutritional plan since filming The Matrix, which, while not his first action film, was undoubtedly a turning point in his career. (Read More: These are the 25 Best Sci-Fi Movies According to Critics)

Is Keanu Reeves ageless?

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Keanu Reeves’ exercise diet

There doesn’t seem to be a strict diet, but the actor follows some basic dietary rules that could help him look youthful and fresh. According to some reports, he believes in consumption smaller portionsto avoid overeating and being oversaturated. On the other hand, he keeps a balance between the foods that he needs nutrient deliver. The staple foods he eats include rice, chicken, pasta, and vegetables – four foods that are usually recommended for weight maintenance. When he’s not working, he likes to drink Beer, wine or Whiskey, but all in moderation. (Also read: 6 Alcoholic Drinks That Can Also Do Something For Your Health)

Important with Reeves nourishment is also that he is no Junk food but avoids it altogether. In fact, small but well-balanced meals prevent him from indulging in cravings and eating just one protein bar. On the other hand, by concentrating on foods that contain carbohydrates such as whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruits, they keep themselves healthy and fit.

Passionate about extreme athletes

Overall, Reeves keeps himself in shape with this diet, but also thanks to the unusual ones physical activitythat he expects himself, because he is a stunt fanatic who always wants to perform dangerous tricks (even if this can get him into trouble with his insurance). It should not be forgotten that the man is also an avid lover of motorcycles and speed, as well as other sports such as surfing. When you add a balanced diet to this, you can certainly understand why he still looks so good at his age.

At the moment is preparing Keanu Reeves on the fourth part of “John Wick” and the sequel to “The Matrix”. Both films are not due to be released until the next few years, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out more about his characters and the preparation for his roles.

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