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Kathy and Nicky Hilton show their solidarity with the singer


June 25, 2021 – 10:32 am clock

Now Kathy and Nicky Hilton speak up

Britney Spears (39) finally wants to be free and stand on her own two feet. The US singer has been incapacitated for 13 years – by her own father, Jamie Spears (68). In the current trial, she testifies against him and experiences a lot of solidarity – also from Kathy Hilton (62) and Nicky Hilton (37), who are now commenting on the process.

Paris Hilton’s mother and sister are supporters of the Free Britney movement

Paris and Britney were once close friends.

Nicky Hilton, sister Paris and Britney Spears celebrating and Hilton mother Kathy.


Many people are currently showing solidarity with the former teen star under the motto “Free Britney”. Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris Hilton (40), is now also taking a stand. The celebrity magazine “Us Weekly” reports that Kathy thinks the singer is a “sweet and good girl”. Kathy’s daughter Nicky is even clearer in her support message: “Let Britney know that we believe her. Free Britney!”

During the trial, Britney referred to Paris Hilton

Nicky’s famous sister Paris and Britney Spears used to be close friends. In the process, the incapacitated singer testified that Paris’ story was a reason why Britney did not want to speak publicly about the incapacitation for a long time. So she said, “To be honest, the Paris story, what was done to her at boarding school – I didn’t believe any of it. And maybe I’m wrong about that. And that’s why I didn’t want to say anything publicly. Because I thought people were getting over it Make fun of me and say, ‘She’s lying, she’s got it all, she’s Britney Spears’. I don’t lie, I just want my life back. “

What Britney is referring to: Paris revealed in the documentary “This Is Paris” that she experienced verbal, emotional and physical abuse while attending Provo Canyon School, a boarding school in Utah, for 11 months as a teenager. According to Paris, time has left trauma that manifests itself in sleep disorders and anxiety.

Paris was once known as THE “It-Girl” and liked to show off her wealth. Today her priorities have changed and she can even imagine babies. (nos)

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