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Kate Winslet in “Mare”: Can women be natural now?

Nicole Kidman in The Hours, Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, Charlize Theron in monster – Almost twenty years ago actresses were praised (and rewarded with an Oscar) for daring to be ugly on screen. Now Kate Winslet is being celebrated for being on the new HBO series Mare of Easttown actually dares to look realistic: like a woman who is no longer very young, no longer very slim, has a few wrinkles on her face, and the roots are not properly colored. One sex scene even shows a piece of wobbly belly. So an average woman in her forties is portrayed. Incidentally, Winslet himself is: 45th thunder.

To avoid any misunderstandings: The acting performance of the Oscar winner is excellent anyway, but the courage to normality and Muffin waist is what gets the most mention right now because it’s so rare in series and movies. The recent one Friends-Reunion with the three barely aged leading actresses, on the other hand, almost looked like satire.

But perhaps even more remarkable is that this real risk does not take place in real life, but on the screen. Winslet plays a role she doesn’t play in real life. Although she can be contractually assured that she will not be retouched on photos, as early as 2003 she successfully sued a Photoshop version of herself in the GQ and she seems – compared to her colleagues who are not called Frances McDormand – to age much more relaxed. But at public appearances, in interviews or the occasional paparazzi photo, she is of course still more well-groomed than as a policewoman »Mare«. And in British Vogue, as the L’Oreal ambassador, she speaks in detail about her beauty routine.

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Zoom and teams conferences: For many, the constant self-reflection is pure torture

Nobody who has spent the last year and a half with Zoom and Teams conferences will blame her for this. The constant self-reflection (felt even more merciless with teams) is pure torture for many. Clicking away the window is still not an option, because otherwise you somehow have the feeling of losing control of its appearance. It is better to activate the soft focus, apply concealer, buy a ring light or book a lift straight away. The numbers of botox and hyaluronic acid treatments have been going through the roof since the pandemic. As much as we praise naturalness – not even we can endure our own reality.

That is why we identify a lot with Winslet’s series character, but in the end many women of a certain age do not go to the supermarket without make-up or with greasy hair. In weak moments they buy the new beauty line from J.Lo because the woman is an unbelievable 51. On Instagram you do a “no filter, no make-up” selfie at most once a month in order to bravely (after twenty attempts) present the whole truth (with a ring light). Actors and models can occasionally be photographed for photo series or art projects “without” if it is the explicit subject of the work. Reality is not the norm these days, but rather an occasional motto party.

But maybe there will be a little movement in the matter now. The actress and director Justine Bateman has just published the book “Face – One Square Foot of Skin” in which she asks 55-year-old women from different backgrounds and age groups about their relationship to their own face. She herself stated in an interview with the world straight, she looks at her face with wrinkles, heavy lids and the soft skin on her neck like a “tree”. “Perfect as it is.”

Gwyneth Paltrow – 48 and rather unsuspecting when it comes to demonstrative aging – has also been very natural on Instagram for a while now. In the current jewelry campaign for your portal goop she poses with no visible makeup. It’s clear that this no-make-up look actually only requires twenty very simple steps and products, but at least it comes a little closer to reality. Or do we say: the desired Reality.

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