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Is Twitch the new OnlyFans? – Bikini streams instead of gaming

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The problem with Twitch

Twitch, the platform that was originally designed to stream games, is increasingly degenerating into a soft OnlyFans platform. A new trend is conquering the Just Chatting category. Reactions to reactions are now out. If you want to be successful, buy a tight bikini and put an inflatable HotTub in front of the camera. The money printing machine is ready. What does this have to do with the former ideals of Twitch, one might ask. I dont know. Likewise, Twitch’s policy to prevent such content. Either bikinis, super deep necklines or “I do squats in skinny pants right in front of the camera for every sub” currently dominate Twitch. There is a lot of discussion about the sexualization of streamers and to be honest, more and more female streamers are discredited by such negative examples. There is now even a page that lists revealing streams. It is not known whether this site would like to pillory the named streamers or offer a quick list for a few adolescents. 13,000 spectators watching a lady in the whirlpool? I wonder what Twitch wants to show now and who should watch something like that?Twitch

Apparently it wasn’t just me who noticed. In all honesty, there are enough platforms where you can produce such stupid content, but why Twitch of all places? Twitch was once the hideaway for gamers, where you could be among yourself. In the meantime, it consists mostly of shallow entertainment, which has nothing to do with gaming. Because on there is now a petition “Against Hot Tub on Twitch”. Agent Monkey created this and describes the problem as follows:

Hi there,

I direct myself to all parents, streamers, gamers, Twitch viewers to support me in the petition so that Twitch does something against the “HOT TUB” streamers and prohibits the half-naked depictions of the buttocks and chest area. Twitch is a streaming platform for people aged 13 and over, which was initially very strongly represented in the gaming sector. There are now categories for singers, artists, podcasts and much more. At the moment, however, one thing has developed in the “just chatting” area that pisses off many people and parents alike. Because many women from the erotic area have now settled on Twitch and present their half-naked bodies on Twitch. They use a gray area rule from Twitch by bypassing the nudity rule and sitting in an inflatable pool in a bikini & thong and flaunting themselves there. They then deliberately drop objects outside the pool, then turn their backs to the camera and bend down with their buttocks stretched out which they hold into the camera to pick them up. Others, on the other hand, do yoga in bikini & thong and present it as stretching exercises or something else, of course the buttocks towards the camera. What is clear in such situations is what the intention behind it is. I think everything should have its own area and department. So also the publicly sexualising content and presentation on Twitch. Because I can repeat again: Twitch is a platform for people from the age of 13, the images that are currently being presented by people are without exception from the age of 18. If you want to make the easily accessible internet safer for your children, siblings, friends and family, then support me with this petition in the hope of making a difference. It is almost impossible on our own, but if we shake hands and stick together, then I am convinced that we can already move a lot. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO IS PART OF MAKING THE ONLINE WORLD A LITTLE BETTER.

Your opinion on this topic would of course be of great interest to us, please leave your feedback in the comments!

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