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In a hotel in Switzerland you can now pay with Bitcoin

Facebook is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency: Diem. The company is developing its own wallet for this purpose. Now the head of Facebook Financial was open to any NFT support.

In a Bloomberg article on Facebook, David Marcus, head of Facebook Financial, said positive about support for NFTs on Facebook. The Silicon Valley company is currently working on its own wallet with the sonorous name “Novi”. So it would make sense for Facebook to also think about how to use Facebook’s customers’ NFT products. Because Facebook has everything it needs to successfully use and offer NFT technology. A dedicated wallet (Novi), a resource-rich infrastructure and potentially thousands of customers for NFT products.

NFT technology would also be able to offer Facebook many interesting use cases. Because if Mark Zuckerberg has it, the future of his social media company could lie in the so-called “Metaverse”. A digital world in which Facebook users work, live, meet, do sports, listen to music or go shopping. It is possible that Facebook uses NFT technology to make digital items – such as virtual sneakers or movie tickets that have just been purchased – unique and non-replicable. A bit like Axie Infinity, Decentraland or RTFKT-Studios. For example, this company already sells digital sneakers using NFT technology. Some of these sneakers retail for tens of thousands of dollars.

Facebook on the crypto course

For a few years now, Facebook has been planning to launch its own digital currency. Initially it was supposed to be called “Libra”, but was then renamed “Diem”. Governments around the world objected strongly to Facebook being given control of its own currency in addition to its already dominant market dominance in the area of ​​social media. Because the crypto currency Diem could theoretically be used by all Facebook users – that is, potentially billions of people worldwide.

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