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Hugh Jackman continues their feud with reaction ·

Deadpool and Korg watch the trailer for Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming action comedy “Free Guy” together. This did not go unnoticed by Hugh Jackman either.

With the purchase of 20th Century Fox, today renamed 20th Century Studios, there was great hope that Disney would integrate Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the in-house Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In fact, Marvel Studios is already working on “Deadpool 3” and a new “Fantastic Four”.

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When the two films will start in the cinemas is not yet known, but they shouldn’t be expected before 2023/2024. At least fans of the mercenary with the Kodderschnauze can look forward to it. Because its unofficial MCU debut came as a complete surprise: in the form of a React video for Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming action comedy “Free Guy”. And for that Deadpool has prominent support from Korg, the friendly Kronan warrior from “Thor: Day of Decision”:

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The two don’t seem to have much fun either on the “Free Guy” trailer or on each other. Korg, Deadpool complains, wasn’t his first MCU pick. Too bad that he is being spoken of by Taika Waititi, who also has a role in “Free Guy”. So Deadpool had no other choice anyway. On the other hand, the meta-parody, which was packed into just under five minutes, is clever. Because here not only the React clips on YouTube are parodied, but also the parodying characters and their real actors themselves. Quite confusing. And that’s why it’s pretty cool!

Deadpool is not too good for anything. That once also applied to the eight stars in this one Video, as you can see:

Hugh Jackman reacts to Deadpool video

As is well known, there has been a friendly feud between Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds for some time, in which the two repeatedly drag each other through the cocoa. Of course, Jackman couldn’t let this chance slip by:

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Under the video on Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram page, Jackman wrote, “Wow! 4:12 [Minuten] and I am not mentioned. [Deadpool], your therapy works !!! ”As a Jackman mask, the Australian even made it into the first“ Deadpool ”film, in“ Deadpool 2 ”he even appeared as Wolverine, but only in a faded-in scene from“ X-Men : Origins – Wolverine ”. Nevertheless, the pattern seems clear and we can certainly hope for Hugh Jackman again in the first MCU film with Deadpool. He even met recently with MCU boss Kevin Feige, which led to lively speculation. However, it is extremely unlikely that he will return as Wolverine. Certainly Hugh Jackman could, for example, appear as himself in the film, which would certainly fit the meta-humor of Deadpool.

“Free Guy” could be a real summer cinema highlight

Even without his most famous role as Deadpool, Reynolds is busy building his hit-o-meter. In 2021 he will be represented with three films both in the cinema and via streaming: “Killer’s Bodyguard 2” (German cinema release on August 28, 2021), “Red Notice” (Netflix launch on November 12, 2021) and “Free Guy” (German theatrical release on August 12, 2021).

One day in “Free Guy” by director Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum”), Guy (Ryan Reynolds) realizes that his life as a simple bank clerk was a lie. In truth, he is just a non-player character in an online game called Free City. And it gets worse: His world should go offline. Just because the unscrupulous company boss Antoine (Taika Waititi) wants it. But Guy doesn’t give up that easily. Because with Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) he has a reason to continue to be online.

The premise sounds original, Reynolds is at the height of his success and the trailers promise a refreshingly entertaining film. By the way, Deadpool has 4 out of 5 avocados for the trailer. What else can go wrong there?

You can put your comedy knowledge to the test in this quiz:

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