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“Harry Potter” star on the shoot: “How could he do this to me ?!”

Emma Watson became a superstar thanks to “Harry Potter”! While fans absolutely adore the film franchise (and we’re tough Potterheads, too), there are at least four scenes that many fans hate. Watson also remembers bad scenes in her career that she had to endure. No wonder: out of eight films, there has to be at least one that you are reluctant to play as an actor. In fact, there is a scene in the second “Harry Potter” part that Watson particularly hated and for which reason she was quite angry with director Christopher Columbus!

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That scene was super embarrassing to Watson

In “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” Watson had to shoot a scene that the then 11-year-old actress was more than uncomfortable. What was it about? At the end of the film, Hermione and the other students at Hogwarts were saved from the paralyzing gaze of the basilisk. In a heartwarming scene, she walks up to Harry and Ron, hugs Harry lovingly and – a bit shy – shakes hands with Ron. 😍 What looks super natural and relaxed in the film was absolute horror for the young actress at the time, as she would reveal years later! As Seventeen revealed, Hermione should actually hug both friends – at least that’s how director Columbus had imagined. Watson was a very shy girl back then and the idea of ​​hugging two boys in front of the entire film crew was absolutely impossible for her! So Columbus had to come up with a few tricks, because despite Watson’s suffering, he couldn’t be dissuaded from the scene.

A freeze frame was necessary

Agree & read on

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How can you do this to me“, Watson had asked, horrified, when it was said that she should run through the great hall and hug two boys. Finally she let herself be persuaded, but hugged Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) so briefly that the director had to “freeze” the scene for a few seconds so that it lasts longer and looks natural! 🤣 The end result not only looked good, but was also great in terms of the further development of the relationship between Hermione and Ron, who just nervously shook hands – after all, her love-hate relationship, which at some point turned into pure love, was a storyline that would stretch across many books.

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