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Cardi B: Jewel! -Alarm It’s not just the slip that flashes out

With THIS photo rapper Cardi B is once again providing plenty of talking points. Because not only your panties flash out here. Your fans can’t get enough of this sight. Look at that.

Cardi B is back in a seductive outfit.
Image: dpa

Rapper Cardi B’s Instagram profile is also written in large letters: “My vagina won a Grammy”. In fact: in 2019 she won the coveted music award for the best rap album (her debut album “Invasion of Privacy”). And on Cardi B’s latest Instagram post, her “piece of jewelery” could also play a decisive role, as it is almost exposed.

No question about it: the outfit Cardi B wears here is indeed extraordinary. But what is that really not with the 28-year-old? After all, the former stripper has managed to become one of the most successful musicians in the world.

Cardi B has her panties flashed on a photo on Instagram

She is once again giving her more than 80 million Instagram subscribers, who now follow Cardi B, a very special insight. She has opened the pants she wears so wide that her purple panties cannot be overlooked. Although it is more like a kind of monokini with a lobster clasp. Obviously you can attach or detach the upper or lower part as you like. When you go to the toilet at the latest, this may not be the worst idea.

Cardi B: This picture makes her fans freak out on the net

The intimate insights are definitely well received by her numerous fans. After just a few hours, the post had three million Instagram likes. In the extravagant dress, Cardi B feels reminded of a famous fashion doll herself and simply comments, alluding to it, that she is “Bardi”. Cardi B has certainly achieved her goal with the picture: She will definitely attract attention with THIS look …

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