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Billie Eilish publishes photo book – family photos of the pop icon

Aida Baghernejad in conversation with Massimo Maio

Undated recording showing Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas Baird O'Connell as children.  (The Family of Billie Eilish)
A good team even as children: Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas Baird O’Connell, who is now his sister’s producer and co-songwriter. (The Family of Billie Eilish)

Shortly before the release of her new album, Billie Eilish published an illustrated book with countless photos from her private life. Journalist Aida Baghernejad believes that this is unusual for the young musician, for whom privacy has been so important up to now.

Billie Eilish used to come along in baggy baggy clothes. She gave little insight into her private life. Now the 19-year-old pop star has been portrayed in skin-tight lingerie for the fashion magazine “Vogue”.

Turning point in self-presentation

And before her new album “Happier Than Ever” comes out in the summer, she will present hundreds of pictures from her life in a photo book: from babies splashing in the pool with their mother to teenage photos with her best friend. There is also an audio book recorded by her. The days of reluctance seem to be over.

Billie Eilish as an eight-year-old, with one hand on the piano and the other on the microphone of a children's recorder.  (The Family of Billie Eilish)Insight into private life: Billie Eilish as an eight-year-old with microphone and piano (The Family of Billie Eilish)

Journalist and critic Aida Baghernejad also thinks a turning point in self-staging. The young artist seems to have closed a chapter in her life.

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“And now she is 19 and as an adult woman she decides whether and how she allows glimpses into her life and her body. However, this is in complete contradiction to her previous statements about privacy. But of course she also has a right to further development “says the journalist.

A camera is always pointed at her

The photo book shows the musician’s steady rise, from birth to the termination of the planned world tour during the first corona lockdown last year.

The pictures are garnished with “laconic comments that take a little embellished perspective on the everyday life of a young pop star,” says Baghernejad.

Billie Eilish stands very close to her fans with her arms outstretched, touching her hands and arms.  (The Family of Billie Eilish)In the midst of her fans: Billie Eilish at Zurich Open Air, 2019 (The Family of Billie Eilish)

For example, Eilish writes: “In every family video of ours, there is a take where I look into the camera and say: I want to see too. I couldn’t bear not being behind the camera. Ironically, it’s different now around: Some camera always seems to be pointed at me. “

A form of appreciation

It is not uncommon for pop stars or influencers to publish personal photo books. Be it Madonna’s scandal book “Sex”, Rihanna with “The Last Girl On Earth” or Kim Kardashian with a collection of her selfies. “It is a kind of pop-cultural appropriation of the classic high-cultural image book,” says Baghernejad.

For Billie Eilish, the illustrated book is also gaining relevance: “Because her work is primarily consumed digitally, it takes place digitally,” explains the journalist. Eilish became known through Soundcloud and Instagram.

“And print on paper is ultimately a form of appreciation, enhancement – and for many of her mostly young fans perhaps the first illustrated book,” says Aida Baghernejad.


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