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Ariana Grande starts with her own beauty label “rem”

August 27, 2021 – Maja Caterina Woltemath

Is Radio Hamburg megastar Ariana Grande, her colleagues Rihanna and Selena Gomez now also competing in the beauty industry? Why their fans are now ticking over three letters.

She surprised us with her recent wedding and a coaching chair at The Voice. Ariana Grande knows how to market herself. But now it is expanding from sold out perfumes to its own beauty line.

rem-beauty coming soon

In June 2021, the singer patented the “rem” brand, which is supposed to specialize in beauty products. The name may sound familiar to one or the other Grande fan. In their last studio album “Sweetener”, which recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary, REM is the name of one of their songs. So far, it has only been speculated when exactly the 28-year-old’s beauty line will appear on the market, and even if no official date has yet been published, the indications that this will happen soon are mounting. A few days ago, the megastar’s best friend posted a selfie of himself with a Times Square billboard that reads: “rem coming soon”

Mascara and extensions?

Apparently there are even products in the starting blocks. So far, the official rem beauty accounts say nothing more than “is loading”. But the singer has probably already made three applications for product names. “Midnight-Shadows”, “at the borderline eyeliner” and “flourishing voluminizing mascara”. Many are hoping for self-designed extensions from Ari himself to add the lyrics to “7 Rings” (You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it) to feel even more. But there are already fans who are worried about the music career of their idol. Many comparisons are made to megastar Rihanna and her beauty line “Fenty Beauty”. “Not that she’s starting to concentrate on rem beauty like Rihanna is concentrating on fenty beauty,” tweeted a fan. In recent years, Rihanna has focused on marketing her brand “Fenty” instead of music, which is one of the reasons her album release date has been postponed several times. To this day there is still no fixed date. But she is successful in what she does and the fans should want that for Ariana too.

Ariana Grande at Radio Hamburg

If you are also worried that Ariana Grande will not be heard from music for a long time, there is good news. We at Radio Hamburg play the best-known and most popular songs by the pop star. Just turn on 103.6 or listen to the Radio Hamburg app. There’s for IOS and for Android.

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