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Alexandra Daddario: This is what Zac Efron’s abs feel like

Alexandra Daddario
This is what Zac Efron’s abs feel like

She is beautiful, she is young and she was allowed to stroke Zac Efron’s abdominal muscles. Alexandra Daddario now told how it feels …

Acting hottie ZacEfron (29, “Bad Neighbors”) impresses with his well-trained body. His equally hot “Baywatch” colleague Alexandra Daddario (31, “True Detective”) now told in an interview what it is like to be able to touch Efron’s incredible abdominal muscles. “Yes, I touched her,” enthuses the actress in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”. Early on, she had a scene during the filming for which she was supposed to flirt with Efron and was allowed to touch his stomach.

“He is wonderful”

Daddario is almost speechless: “I wasn’t prepared for it. It was as if an animal shock ran through me.” The actress can hardly describe why these primal instincts would have grabbed her. “I don’t know, it’s like he’s not human. He’s like something Michelangelo created. I’ve never seen a man who looks like him. It’s incredible.”

But it is not just outwardly that Efron is almost too good to be true: “He is wonderful and he is smart and talented.” That makes him approachable. The actor doesn’t just stay the guy with the incredible body, he becomes “that great guy Zac Efron”. The two can be seen together in German cinemas from June 1st in “Baywatch”.


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